Extended Knowledge

This major project involves a three-year programme of research.

It will for the first time offer a systematic exploration of the various different ways of ‘externalising’ knowledge, one which draws on cutting-edge research on knowledge and cognition. It will then build on this systematic exploration to offer a new perspective on two particularly significant ways in which knowledge could be thought to be ‘extended’--viz., the extended cognition and distributed cognition research programmes as they apply to knowledge. In both cases the result is a form of extended knowledge, where what is unique to the latter is that the extension in question is distinctively social. The project will help establish an international network of around fifty researchers, including both established and early career. It will also draw on the unique research strengths in the University of Edinburgh, not only within Philosophy in the areas of epistemology and philosophy of mind and cognitive science, but also within the School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences and the neighbouring School of Informatics in the area of cognitive science more generally.

For more details about the project, see the dedicated project webpage here.

Project team: 
  • Principal Investigator: Prof Duncan Pritchard

  • Co-Investigators: Prof Andy Clark & Prof Jesper Kallestrup

  • Auditors: Prof Jacob Howhy (Monash) & Prof Ernest Sosa (Rutgers)

  • Postdoctoral Fellows: Dr J. Adam Carter; Dr Orestis Palermos; Dr Adam Toon (Marie Curie, Exeter)

  • Local Members: Dr Allan Hazlett; Dr Suilin Lavelle; Dr Aidan McGlynn; Dr John Ravenscroft (Education); Dr Mark Sprevak; Dr Nick Treanor; Dr Till Vierkant; Dr Dave Ward

  • International Network: Prof Mark Alfano (Oregon); Prof Sven Bernecker (UC, Irvine); Prof Brit Brogaard (St. Louis); Prof Katalin Farkas (Central European University); Prof Axel Gelfert (Singapore); Dr. Mikkel Gerken (Copenhangen); Prof Brie Gertler (Virginia); Prof Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern); Prof Peter Graham (California, Riverside); Dr Christoph Kelp (Leuven); Simon Knight (Open University); Prof Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern); Prof Robert Logan (Toronto); Prof Richard Menary (Macquarie); Dr Kirk Michealian (Bilkent); Prof Ram Neta (UNC, Chapel Hill); Dr Cathal O’Madagain (Dublin); Prof Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen (Yonsei); Prof Joelle Proust (Jean-Nicod); Prof Robert Rupert (Colorado, Boulder); Dr Sarah Sawyer (Sussex); Dr Paul Smart (Southampton); Prof Declan Smithies (Ohio State); Prof Alessandra Tanesini (Cardiff); Prof Georg Theiner (Villanova); Prof Deborah Tollefsen (Memphis); Dr Krist Vaesen (Eindhoven); Prof Hamid Vahid (Tehran); Prof Asa Wikforss (Stockholm)

Funded by the AHRC (c. £510K)