Emerging Themes in Meta-Ethics (2012-13)

The aim of this network project (full title: 'Emerging Themes in 21st Century Meta-Ethics: Evaluative and Normative Language') is to facilitate collaboration and exchange of ideas between philosophers from the UK and the US working on a collection of related issues in meta-normativity in order to produce a more linguistically-informed research programme in this area.

This will be achieved by putting bringing together for the first time a large group of philosophers from the UK and overseas philosophers with overlapping interests in this area in order to exchange ideas, apply new methods, explore new avenues for collaboration and raise research standards. The aim is to generate significant interest and awareness of the kind of linguistically- informed meta-ethics and help this to become a significant international research programme.


Project Objectives:

  • To hold a cutting-edge conference on Hybrid Theories in Meta-ethics at Edinburgh, bringing top class researchers in this area together for the first time and providing a focal point for UK interest in this area.
  • To host a seminar series in Edinburgh on Evaluative Language, inviting both philosophers and linguists. This will generate greater mutual awareness within the UK community working on these issues.
  • To hold a complementary conference on Linguistically-Informed Meta-Ethics at the University of Southern California in 2013.
  • To host a public lecture, bringing this work to a non-academic audience.
To generate a series of publications of work presented at, and arising from, these events.
  • To develop personal and institutional relationships between the University of Edinburgh and the University of Southern California which will enable future collaborations and collaboration on a larger research project arising from the work undertaken during this network. 


Project team: 
  • Principal Investigator: Prof Mike Ridge

  • Co-Investigator: Dr Guy Fletcher

  • International Network Members: Stephen Barker (Nottingham); Dorit Bar-On (UNC, Chapel Hill); Dan Boisvert (UNC, Charlotte); Nate Charlow (Toronto); David Copp (UC, Davis); Janice Dowell (Nebraska, Lincoln); John Eriksson (Gothenberg); Stephen Finlay (USC); Ryan Hay (Wisconsin, Stevens Point); Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck); Stefano Predelli (Nottingham); Mark Richard (Harvard); Geoff Sayre-McCord (UNC, Chapel Hill); Mark Schroeder (USC); Francois Schroeter (Melbourne); Laura Schroeter (Melbourne); Jim Sias (UNC, Chapel Hill); Jon Tresan (UNC, Chapel Hill); Ralph Wedgwood (Southern California)

  • Local Members: Dr Matthew Chrisman; Dr Anders Schoubye


Funded by an AHRC International Networks Grant (approx. £35K)