The Aims of Inquiry and the Good Life (2013-14)

The research question at the heart of this project is: what is the value of intellectual virtue? Why, or how, or in what way, is it good to be intellectually virtuous, or to have (some or all of) the intellectual virtues? The project aims to show, first, that philosophers have failed to distinguish between several conceptions of “intellectual virtue,” as well as between competing accounts of the value of intellectual virtue. Once these issues are clarified, we shall be able to ask: is it really the case (as those who write about intellectual virtue standardly maintain) that intellectual virtue is necessary for, or even conducive to, living well?

Further Details:
For further details about the project, see the project webpage here.

Project team: 
  • Principal Investigator: Dr Allan Hazlett 

  • Co-Investigator: Prof Duncan Pritchard FRSE


Funded by the AHRC (c. £135K)