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Michela Massimi's review of 'Stephanie Ruphy Scientific Pluralism Reconsidered' is now live: days 3 hours ago
RT : Still 3 days to enroll in online course 'Philosophy, Science and Religion': 3 weeks 5 days ago
RT : From kitchen conversation to intl conference! The rise of our and student reading group… weeks 6 hours ago
RT : Does believing badly help or harm us? Come to Head-to-Head to discuss with of . Free tickets: weeks 1 day ago
RT : Sarah Lane Ritchie (University of StAndrews) explores the relationship between the brain sciences and religion in o… month 1 day ago
New FREE Online Course on Philosophy and Religion. Enroll now! with promo video! 1 month 1 week ago
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‘Social Dimensions of Cognition and Education’ We invite PhD students to submit an abstract (<500) for presentation! month 3 weeks ago
Textbk just out, ed Duncan Pritchard (Eidyn) & Mark Harris (Divinity). For our Philosophy Science & Religion MOOCs: months 15 hours ago
RT : "The Dark Energy Survey raises important questions about how evidence, model-building, & ultimately theory choice a… months 1 day ago